Up This High

by Carly Thomas

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Recorded at the Armoury in Vancouver, BC. A labour of love and second release for Carly.


released September 9, 2009



all rights reserved


Carly Thomas London, Ontario

London based Indie artist, Carly Thomas, is a welcome change from the typical. A soulful writer with a voice layered with truthfulness, she has that something which makes folk-ish music interesting and intelligent.

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Track Name: Carly Thomas - Drive Me Home
I let you drive me home, slowly down those dirt roads
Wind Blowing through my toes, country roads
Put your foot down on the gas, the sun is coming fast
Before too long she’ll ask, the burning question

Where’ve you been?
Suspicious hearts and question marks, all the in between
I can’t win

Watch the wipers go from high to low
And you think you know me at all
Cause you used to watch me play, buy me a drink to stay
Gamble the night away, watch me cheat to lose

But you don’t know me
See what you want to see
You don’t know me… from eve

I have never been this far from a blue ribbon
If there was a prize to be won
So sick of all this honest living
I want to be careless, and young

You take me out
Just take me out

I let you drive me home, slowly down those dirt roads
Wind Blowing through my toes
I let you walk me in, I let you touch my skin
Put your hands on my hips, and whisper what I’m missing
Track Name: California
Come down to your town
quit running around
put your feet on the ground
keep your eye on the yellow light
make it fine if we do this right
keep your hands where I can put them
where I like

If you were me would you pick up the phone?
I said I would wait
but I can't sleep alone
silence grows it's an open wound
look beside me and it's not you
and my heart can't take it,
so i wake up and I leave the room
thinking only of you

Come home to California
and see the west i've won
wake up by the ocean
if it turns you on
'cause you're all that I need
we'll stay under the sun
if they take you from me
I would draw my gun
draw my gun

only for you
drifting I knew
well it's only enough when you need it
and it hits you the most when you leave it

come home to California
Track Name: Fishface
There’s the pavement at my feet, the brick wall I can lean
Drawing bodies on the concrete, while the sunshine blinds your apathy
Building bridges to get by, finding my edges in the morning light
You were on the line saying “what were you thinking?”

A hundred years go by and through your eyes you grow to hate me
Not as hard to lie so maybe I wanted to get by easy
Freedom comes at a price, too much in my eyes
If I leave now you know why I never bothered explaining

I know it’s cold, it’s getting colder
You don’t have to be alone, we’re getting older
One more time you try to cross this line, I was just breathing
One more time you try to make things right, I was just leaving

Another song sounding like the rain, breaking through this pain
Your clutching hand is squeezing out the past, wanting this to last
Just a little bit longer
Just a little bit longer


For the moment I just let it be
I don’t own this anymore than you can’t own me

I know this won’t last forever, I cut the line when I said it would be alright
It’s too late to fight, it’s too great to hide
How this feels
Track Name: By Your side
On this lonely lonely night
You took the last train to the south
I should have kissed you on the mouth
I can see you in my dreams
An old woman takes my hand
Leads me through the trees she says

The tide is high, the undertow will get you nowhere
So stay the night, the only one who knows you is still
On your side, on your side
On your side, on your side

Last time we spoke I made a joke to make you laugh
In a doorway, there’s your exit sign
But you couldn’t turn around
So there you stayed on that dark stage
Rip the stitches and the seams
I’m still hoping to remove

The scars on your chest, pull them out and tell you baby
Now you can rest, I see the light surround you I’m still
On your side, on your side
On your side, On your side

You love the sound of rain
Even when it’s cold and pouring
Down your face
I felt your heart break with mine
On 7th ave, in the city of light.

When it’s you and me
It’s hard to find the right words
I want you to say
That what I felt’s what you heard
While I’m
By your side, by your side.
By your Side, By your side
Track Name: Every Night's a Party
I have a key in my hand
To a door somewhere between your heart and your head
Leave it in the corner of your yard, dig it up from the earth
In times like these, times are hard
I’ve always been beside you
I wanted to remind you
You used to be as sweet as the sea
Turquoise waters like my dreams
Like my dreams

I fell in love with you
The way that most people do
Went from being afraid to feeling the blade
Of a thousand battles lost
I wouldn’t have engaged if I had understood the cost
Red flag up for warning
Think I could stay behind the lines
But I miss you all the time
Wonder if your offer stays
To just pick up and leave this place

Cause every night’s a party
And it all looks the same
And I think about your body
Wonder if you’ve changed
I know the fighting’s over
What have I got left to lose

One minute off from daylight,
I sit and watch the sunrise
Notebooks from here to hell about the way that I felt
I would throw them all away if I thought that it would help
Keep running toward these headlights
All night long
You lead me on
It was time to walk away
But sometimes I miss the pain
Of just holding on
Track Name: Miles Above
I see a light on in your window, you’re moving on
Walking circles all night in your front lawn, just walk on
Before I lead you down to another brick wall, I keep falling out of line
You pick me up when I’m crazy, fight me when I’m wrong
Can you love me when I’m strong

Now I’m miles above, and I’m miles away
And I call for you one more time, you always run to me
Cigarettes and cheap champagne I’ve tried to make things clean
But I’ll always have these stains
And more or less it’s what you get for your head against the door
Trying to find a window to sneak in the back way

You try your best to leave this, fight all night to keep it
We go in circles again just how we started
You watch me bent and broken hearted
But I always believed that we could start again

Up this high, feels like I’m almost there
With a conversation in my mind as I’m floating in the air
If I could find enough intention, move the pain of reinvention
More to my side
Yeah and I just bet if you turn your head you would realize

I try my best to leave this, fight all night to keep it
We go in circles again just how we started
You watch me bent and broken hearted
But I always believed that we could start again
Track Name: New York
Hello New York
I can't expect a smile right away
but I wanted to say
That I need your light
need to get some fight back in me
on this lonely road
I know you know what I mean

Left off Uptown
I was only seventeen
You wore me down
boy you know what's good for me
almost believed in me
almost believed
Track Name: Untie Me
Tied up to this emotion, breathing too slow
All day with words in motion, bring it down to Jericho
Choking on one more sunset, I loved you so long
Gripping the last of summer, one last step toward home

All your winter history, waiting to fall
Your leaves are changing too quickly, and I forget
We’re piling bricks on this wall

Dropping your conscience, I thought you would know
When not to cross this yeah but you cross this
You never came back to me , never fought to win
I never thought I was losing

I kept thinking you’d change your mind
Time after time
You’d change your mind

Hey Doll, cry freedom for me one last time
You’re walking on eggshells taking your sweet time
To deal with this mess
I’m strong, I know better
But you know me best
I’m sinking, I’m sinking

Back from your promised land with your promises
Saying baby I miss you, I miss the way you understand
Hold my hand
Back from your promise land and I’m almost dead
What if I don’t want to walk alone
Be my friend, hold my hand

Can you untie me I’m tied to a stone
Tighten my chest, might save one breath
But I’m going down alone
Track Name: Northern Lights
Please forgive this mess I’m making
For giving up without explaining
Spinning wheels and complicating
I’m not good at happy endings
Keeping up with this pretending
Taking all the vibes you’re sending
Keeping my mouth shut

The birds are on the water, slowly taking off
I feel this perfect moment as the water hits the rocks

What you asked of me was easy
Baby honestly it freed me
You don’t have to believe me, you’re the only one who sees me
I’m halfway from home now
Thought being alone would help
Thought the open road would lead me
To understand the way I felt

Keep one eye on the mirror and one eye on the miles
Drive til things get clearer, it was easy for a little while

I’m not gonna change
The answer to a question born in vein
So hard to feel ashamed
When I’m running through the fire
Playing with the flames

The northern lights made three thousand miles worth while
I turn the headlights off and stop, close to god can feel him
Walk beside me take my hand

Force the distance
It’ll make you miss this eventually
Falling down and reaching out
Somebody carry me

I’m not gonna change
The answer to a question born in vein
So hard to feel ashamed
When I’m running through the fire
Playing with the flames

You’ll wait , you’ll wait
For my hand
Watch the game where one mistake can change
Everything we had
I don’t know why going away seemed my only chance
It’s one more night in room 209 slipping through my hands
One more night room 209
Slipping through my hands